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Changing Plans

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Changing Plans

I am really frustrated with Xfinity.  I received an email today that I am close to my data limit.  I don't want to worry about data limits! I don't want to have to keep track of how much data my family is using!


I wanted to check the Xfinity website for a new plan.  The Xfinity website gives me the option to "change my plan" but when I click that option I get -- "We're Sorry.  Please contact us and one of our friendly and knowledgable representatives can help."


I call to speak with a representative and the hold time is over 20 minutes!  When I did speak with a representative they said, well for an extra $30/month I can have unlimited data.  That just made me furious.


I see if I am a new customer to Xfinity I can get unlimited wifi data and the same plan I have now for much cheaper than I am currently paying.   So, Xfinity, you are leaving me with two I disconnect my service and return as a new customer, or if I am disconnecting anyway become a new customer to another company.