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Cannot Get A Live Person on the Phone

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Cannot Get A Live Person on the Phone



There was a technician here earlier and replaced a part in the hub on the side of the road. When he leaft I have experienced outages and instability since the replacement of the part. Now I have tried every option in the phone tree and am beyond frustrated. The automated system keeps refercing the outage, but I don't think anyone is working on it. Since there is nooooooooooo way to actually get to a live person through calling them and the system just ends the call or reaches a dead end, I cannot report what is going on.


I am now in the process of calling the city of Jacksonville and the Better Business Bereau to report this matter. 


What kind of company purposesly removes the ability to speak to someone.


This is horrible and I will be ending my services with Comcast and moving to another option soon.


This is how they treat a customer of 10+ years!



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Re: Cannot Get A Live Person on the Phone

Did you ever figure out a way to get live support?