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Cancellation of service

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Cancellation of service

I do not received a great value for the cost that continues to increase. I have found another service provider that better suits my needs. I have been trying to cancel my Xfinity service since 1/18/21 with no return contact. 

I virtual chatted with an 'agent' on 1/18/21 who finally shared the form to fill out to cancel my service

I submitted that form and saw the pop-up that stated I would be contacted in 2 days but that the cancellation request has been noted on my account. I resubmitted on 1/25/21 and again today 2/3/21 with the same pop-up. I have not received communication from anyone nor do I see that my account has been canceled. I recently saw new charges drop and I will not be paying that bill. 


Please assist with cancellation of my Xfinity services.