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Can't redeem free xFi Pods

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Can't redeem free xFi Pods

I upgraded to xFi Complete on August 3rd and was told my WiFi was being evaluated, and that if it determined I needed xFi Pods I'd receive them for free.

I got the email on August 19th confirming my assessment was complete and that I'd been approved for complimentary xFi Pods. The email includes a link to them, and it takes me to a page where I can add them to my plan.

Unfortunately after clicking it, after a few moments it just tells me it's "temporarily unavailable". I've seen I'm not the only user with this problem, and I find that pretty unacceptable. I was really looking forward to this as my downstairs WiFi connection is abysmal, so these would've been a blessing.

Can anyone help me out with this?