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Address not found

I am trying to transfer service to a new home. I have contacted the schools and the surrounding homes which they all have Comcast Xfinity Internet. However I put my address in and it says it cannot be found. This is a old farmhouse that has never had Comcast cable or Internet can’t someone just put this address in the database so I don’t have to wait for a ticket seven days later I keep going around and around. My kid is in school and needs the Internet I don’t want to have to change over to another provider but unless this gets fixed immediately I have no choice.
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Re: Address not found

Hi @jessjosh23 ,


Can you private message me your address, and we'll take a look?


Internet infrastructure is not guaranteed in more rural locations, especially as you mentioned if there has never been Comcast services at the address. Despite neighbors having Comcast services, if you're too far from "plant" (our physical network) there's a costing and construction element associated with extending the physical network to support your property. We can do research and put a ticket in about it for you.

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