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Yet Another Price Increase

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Yet Another Price Increase

I had a very frustrating experience with Comcast billing. First, I want to make a point that I don't blame the rep I spoke to; they are just doing their job. However, the explanations I got for why my bill is changing, yet again, was unsatisfactory.


I signed up for the new "unlimited" data plan because I know I'm going to need it, even though this was previously part of the plan I'm on. I've been working from home for years and I am not the only one in my home that has multiple devices and video calls, streaming, etc through out the day. It's normal for us to deal with large file transfers frequently. We are not a business so we do not have a business plan.


My monthly bill was acceptable before, even though I was annoyed that I had to add HBO for an additional charge because of the partnership change years ago. Again, this was a service I had before as part of my plan which is no longer the case.


When I asked why there was new charge of $16 on my bill, I was told that my promotion ended. I wasn't notified of this and I marked on my calendar when I would need to look for a new promo so that I kept my bill reasonable. As far as I could tell, my promo should still be active. It didn't make sense that I was being charged for something ending, or to put another way, pay for something I no longer had.


I was told that my new monthly charges would exceed the amount I've budgeted for service and was much more than what was shown on the site. Even the rep was surprised by this. I had called Comcast previously about this because I am not on a plan with a lot of features; I just want to maintain the same services I'm used to for the past 10+ years at the lowest rate. I was also informed that there was no promo available at this time, so I'm basically stuck at this new billing rate if I want to keep my Comcast service. The only thing to be done would be to remove my HBO subscription, which I'm only paying for because I had that service previously; the price of which I was told would also increase.


I find this whole ordeal not just aggravating, but unacceptable because customers are being made to pay additional fees for services we already had with no improvement to those services. I don't appreciate my bill being inconsistent from month to month and subject to change without notice, especially during a time of global uncertainty due to the pandemic.