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Visa card help- no one will help us

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Visa card help- no one will help us


In October of 2020, I got a new cellphone and cellphone account with xfinity. As part of the new plan, xfinity issued a $250 dollar gift card to be mailed to me at Pearl St. According to Xfinity, it was mailed on November 27, 2020 to Pearl St to my wife's attention. My wife never received it. Xfinity states it was used on 12/3/2020 and has $5 remaining. I have been in contact with almost every department in xfinity trying to see who used it, where and when. They are no help because no one can track it but they did see it was sent and used.


I had the gift card people tell me to send an email to svm cards which came back undeliverable no such email address

Phone numbers I have called so far:

877-368-7530- lost/stolen card- 2 calls no luck

800-526-3268- long waits. 3 calls with call back. no help either