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Seasonal Extension

Has anyone solved the problem regarding a seasonal plan extension due to covid?

Our plan expires April 30 of every year which is normally not a problem

until covid came to our country.   I spoke to Comcast Customer service in May to notify them we would delay our trip north until July.  The customer service rep was kind and said there was nothing she could do, but note in my account our new arrival date.    We both hoped ComCast would be considerate like other companies during this unfortunate time to help citizens affected by the virus hoopla. We have ComCast in our FL home and pay in advance every month so I hoped ComCast would understand and not charge us $150+ for services not in use up north.  I was saddened to learn this greedy company only extended the time for 21 days,  and charged me over $300 for 2 months of service when I'm not even using it.  I sent a normal seasonal payment for $31.66 to cover us thru July 25 with a letter explaining we could not travel due to medical issue reccommendations pertaining to covid.  It did not matter as I received another bill from July 19 saying I now owe $440 for service May 22 to August 25.  If I don't pay the full amount by Sept 5, our service will be disconnected.  What's really infuriating is when we arrived at our summer home, the internet or TV was not functioning correctly and it took 2 days and 2 hrs of phone calls to get it up and running.  

If anyone has had this same issue and knows who to write or call, I will greatly appreciate your assistance.