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LATEST OUTAGE -- NOT MY FAULT Will I receive a credit on my bill?

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LATEST OUTAGE -- NOT MY FAULT Will I receive a credit on my bill?

I have had multiple channels out of service on my tv as well as the streaming app. since yesterday 2/1.  The website said there was an outage in my area which wouldn't be repaired until about 3:00 AM.  What a lie!  It's a good thing I didn't sign up for text alerts, because my phone bill would be out of sight!  It is now the evening of Feb. 2, and the problem still hasn't been fixed.  So, what's wrong this time? 


I gave up trying to communicate with the STUPID, and I mean STUPID, robot, virtual assistant which is absolutely USELESS, repeating the same thing over and over.  And I am not about to waste another 45 min., pressing buttons, trying to get thru to a LIVE person on the phone, the way I did last week, when they were doing maintenance!  I hope someone recorded that call, because I told the rep. EXACTLY what I thought of Comcast and informed her I would be dropping my service in a few wks. when my contract expires.  I AM NOT A MACHINE, AND I DON'T WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE ONE.  Customer Service should be reclassified as Customer Torture.  It's no wonder so many people would rather just send a check, and keep quiet.  Moreover, the "pandemic" excuse is wearing a little thin.  Even my insurance company and my bank still have real, live humans answering calls.  If your employees have a computer and a phone (which they obviously do), then they can work from home like millions of others.  Comcast should provide that option.  Many people have no work at all!


I want to know if my ever increasing bill, which is now equal to the rest of my utilities COMBINED, is going to be credited for the service I am NOT receiving?  I have already lost the Norton Security Suite, which I learned about only after the fact, by accident, from Norton.  Yet, my bill is the same.  I am still CHARGED for it!  If I'm going to be spending a small fortune for tv and internet, no matter how bad it is, then I sure better be getting it!!  I pay you with real money.  The LEAST you guys can do is give customers real answers.  I have brought up these issues before, but Comcast refuses to change.  Therefore, I will have to change.


I don't want to hear about how many extra channels have been added to my pkg., the high-tech equipment or how great the company is, etc.   I probably have access to new channels that I can't find or don't even know about.  I don't walk around with a smart phone 24/7, checking messages.  I didn't ask for all that, and a lot of channels I already have are trash anyway.  I want to know if credit will be given for the length of time the channels that I DID want to watch were out of service. . . . no more, no less.


P.S.   By 8:00 PM the picture had returned on just about every channel, but the reception is poor with picture freezes and sound dropping out.  The internet is so slow that streaming is impossible now on any channel, with the site repeatedly displaying error messages.  The support page is still reporting an outage.  I found out from Facebook that a traffic accident, many miles away, is what caused the problem.  How did someone on Facebook find out, and why couldn't Xfinity just tell us that?  I think you guys actually enjoy giving people the runaround!