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Fees and lies. Lies and fees.

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Fees and lies. Lies and fees.

Xfinity’s lies started the day I signed up. “We’ll send you a Visa card!” Never did. “5 visits should be enough to fix your basic internet service problem!” No. “Well credit your account $100 for our services being out (as always) during Super Bowl!” Never did. “We took the service fee off your account when you turned in the box!” It’s been months and you’re still charging me. “You can cancel any time!” You said, then CREATED A CONTRACT FOR IT. I asked you to cancel the stupid service protection, you didn’t. I asked you to cancel “BLAST!” which you made me buy because you don’t give me even half of the speed I’m paying for. You still. Haven’t. Done. It. <br><br>Fees for this. Fees for that. Fees fees fees. Fees for services I’m not even paying for, or getting.<br><br>Fees on top of fees on top of fees. Lies on lies on lies. <br><br>You filthy, vile crooks.
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Re: Fees and lies. Lies and fees.

Hi, @Bh953


Thank you for visiting us here on Xfinity Forums! I know how crucial it is that we have everything with your billing corrected. This is never the type of experience we want any of our customers to ever go through. Please send me a Private message and we will investigate everything further! 

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