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Expensive bill, unimpressive services- help me understand??

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Expensive bill, unimpressive services- help me understand??

Okay, I need help understanding my bill/reoccurring charges and my options. 


Here are my monthly bill details:

Includes Limited Basic, 20 Hours of Cloud DVR and Performance Plus Internet
Includes $24.00 Service Discount
Internet:  SPEED INCREASE- $30.00
Blast! Pro Internet
Taxes, fees and other charges- $6.07

Total: $117.62


So let me explain MY understanding and thoughts.


I have a ROKU Smart TV, that I use my family's DirectTV subscription to access all the networks I need through the ROKU TV platform. So this essentially just requires the internet to stream. I do not have a regular TV.

I wanted to ensure fast internet speeds a few years back when I was completing some online education. 


What are all the extra TV charges?? I do have the 10 or so channel access through the Xfinity Beta App through ROKU TV. What is the broadcast charge?? I don't have any fancy premium channels and hardly use the live TV. 


It looks like I have the fastest internet speed possible?? This is ironic because I still feel like my speeds are slow and glitchy and I often get bumped off. 


Thanks in advance!



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Re: Expensive bill, unimpressive services- help me understand??

Hello brow3665. 


 The Broadcast TV Fee is an itemized charge that recovers a portion of the costs of re-transmitting broadcast television signals. Broadcast stations have the right to charge for their signals, and cable providers like Comcast end up paying substantial fees in order to carry them.


I can assist with reviewing the options available to help you change your services to a package that suits your needs better. I can also help troubleshoot your internet speed issues. To get started, please send me a private message and include your full name and service address so I can assist you.

I am an Official Comcast Employee.
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