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Comcast DELAY in applying payments

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Comcast DELAY in applying payments

Why does it take Comcast/Xfinity so very long to receive and apply mailed payments? If I pay anyy other bill - regardless of how far away the mailing address is, it takes about 5-7 working days at the LONGEST for a company to receive my payment . NOT SO with Comcast - it will take anywhere from 10 days to 21 days for them to acknowledge and apply a payment!

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Re: Comcast DELAY in applying payments

My problem too. I received my December bill on Dec. 15 & mailed my payment on the same day. According to Comcast, they applied my payment on Dec. 31 instead of the due date of Dec 30.

My January bill was received on Jan. 16 & mailed my payment on the same day as well. They have not applied my payment as of today, and this bill was due on Jan 30. I am never late in paying bills.

What is going on here with Comcast ? I tried calling them but could not get an agent on the phone.


Re: Comcast DELAY in applying payments

While I cannot be certain there is a backup at Comcast posting checks, I do know that the US Postal Service [] is backed up on mail delivery.




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