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Charged for rental using my own cable modem

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Charged for rental using my own cable modem

I've called and complained about this last year and I thought it was resolved. My wife usually pays the Xfinity bill, but this month I wanted to see how much I was paying for my internet service. I noticed an Internet Equipment Rental charge, which is correct, but there was another Data Modem charge on the bill. I quickly realized this is what I reported over a year ago. I was billed for the use of my own personal cable modem for the past few years. I can only go back online, until Nov 2018 and this Data Modem charge was on those bills.


"Data Modem $14.00
This Equipment is Inactive, to Avoid Future Charges Please
Return the Equipment to your Nearest Service Center"


I originally discovered this in Aug of 2019 and brought it up, when I started leasing an actual Xfinity cable Modem. They removed the incorrect charge that month but evidenty it was reapplied in Sept 2019 and every month since. 


I called support and after being handed off 4 times, I was able to only get a 4 month credit. I guess I'll have to monitor the bill more closely, but this is highly disappointing. The customer service with Comcast/XFinity is absolutely horrible.  Watch every line item folks. These people are crooks. 


UPDATE 11/14/20

I never recieved the credit, and the same Inactive Equipment charge is back on my next bill. Everytime I call, it seems like they just don't understand when I tell them I'm being charged for my own old equipment. They ask the same question over and over, when did I take it back? I own my old modem, who would I take it back too and why? They really need to work on their comprehension skills. Now I have to wait for someone else to call me back to hopefully remove it. So many people are looking for work, you'd think you could find a quality staff.