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My phone has been turned off. I use Straight talk form Walmart. Im about to accept a fantastic job in Houston Texas. 40.00 per hour 72 hours per week. My problem is I can't talk to customer service, I'm on unemployment and only recieve 103.00 per week. The system is killing me by the online billing and I get hit with a 36.00 overdraft fee from Suntrust. I just need a couple of weeks to get caught up. Can someone help as I really want to keep the service. <Edited> Thank you.


Larry D. Taylor


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Re: Billing

Hi and good morning,  LT9600. Congrats on the new job! We can absolutely take a look and see if there's a way we can setup a payment arrangement for you. Please send me a PM with your first and last name, we will go from there.


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