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Billed wrong amount/NO CALL BACK

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Billed wrong amount/NO CALL BACK

Upon cancelling my service 1/4/2021 I was informed my bill for January was billed in advance and would receive a prorated credit for the days internet was billed but not used 1/5-1/29/2021. According the billing statement my balance due for the month of January was $7.99.

This is accounting for the $61.74 (Cancellation fee) less the January credit $53.75.

However, I was billed $61.74 reflected in my bank account 1/22/2021 versus $7.99 per my billing statement.

I have attempted multiple times to speak with a representative over the phone and CANNOT get a hold of anyone. When I do I’m placed on hold with no response or asked to schedule a phone call back appointment. I have scheduled call appointments once Monday 1/25/2020. And again when I visited the Xfinity store located at 500 First St Ste #25 Davis Ca 95616 on 1/26/2021. The scheduled call was for 9am PST 1/27/2021.

I’m yet to receive a call back. This is unacceptable and reflects poor quality in customer service. I will also note after multiple attempts I was able to speak with a billing representative Tuesday 1/26/2021 around 10am but was placed on hold for about 30min. Only to tell me she could not find a record of my credit and the account was closed. I asked to be walked through and review my bill statement with me but the billing representative did not have access to my bill statement. She informed she would return my call back the same day around 5pm PST.

Not only was I be billed incorrectly but adding insult to injury I keep being put on the wayside without clarity or transparency towards receiving a refund for the reflected credit on my account of $53.75.

I ask this inquiry be escalated to management.