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Bill increased again.!!

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Bill increased again.!!


Over the past year our bill has increased an additional 16.39, Comcast hides it in rental. We have to commit to 2 years but they don't hold the price.  This is my last year with them. Sick of being lied to, which is sad since we have been a customer for 30 years. 

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Re: Bill increased again.!!

No one likes price increases. While we try to hold down costs, price changes are necessary for a number of reasons, including continually increasing costs of programming and our ongoing investments in network upgrades, cutting edge technologies, and enhanced products and services.


If you signed up on a promotional offer, you will not see an increase to the base price of those services until the promotional period has ended. Equipment charges, installation, taxes and fees, including regulatory recovery fees, the Broadcast TV Fee, the Regional Sports Network Fee, and other applicable charges are subject to change and could change the amount you pay during and after your promotional period.


You can also find a lot of information at this link and I would be happy to review your pricing and see what we can do to to help keep you as a valued customer for another 30 years or more; we appreciate all the time you've been with us! If you'd like us to review the account, please click on my handle (ComcastGina) and "Send a message" with your name and service address so we can take a look.

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Re: Bill increased again.!!

I just read the response from the Comcast rep.  What a lot of "mumbo jumbo"!  If you sign a 2 yr agreement, you might get lucky, and your bill will stay the same for the first 12 mos.  However, with the list of price increases that comes out every yr, the odds are the charges will go way up after that.


Comcast wouldn't promote those contracts so much if they weren't profitable.  They're very one-sided, in favor of the company, not the customer.  They always give the same whiney excuses for price hikes, and their executives laugh all the way to the bank!  Be careful if they offer to upgrade your pkg. or equipment.  That may add/delete channels, increase your bill, or enroll you in a new contract.  I always said no.  Also, your bill may stay the same, but they'll take away included services/channels that you like, then tell you they require an additional fee.  I guess that old saying is true.  You can pay now, or pay later, but eventually they'll get you for something.  If you've been a customer for 30 yrs, you probably know all this, but maybe it will help someone else. . . . . . . . .or maybe I'm just venting. lol


I've been with Comcast for a long time because I just didn't know what else to do.  However, there are many other options now, and I've had enough.  I'm tired of paying a fortune for stuff I don't watch.  My contract is almost up, and I will be leaving as well.