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Being overbilled - cannot talk to ANYONE

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Being overbilled - cannot talk to ANYONE

I've been overbilled by 40 per month for 4 months! I have ALWAYS been on autopay not looking at the payment being charged. Now I just noticed a bill saying I owe 240!? I look at everything and it looks like in August, my plane was increased to almost 200% of what it was before to $91. Then After being billed $91, per month, this newest bill says my plan charges are $104!? For what!? All I need is interenet. That's all i've ever needed. A moderate 50mbps plan.


On top of that, my Autopay was suddently cancelled, and comcast has been charging me an extra $10 fee on top of it all! I call 1800 comcast and there is no option that lets me talk to someone to fix this, and when I go to the "ask and agent" option here on the site, it says I don't have access to billing, so the app wont even talk to me. I check my account setting and it IS IN FACT set to MANAGER. So what is seriously going on? What kind of operation is this?


I am being overbilled by hundreds of dollars and I cannot talk to anyone. There isnt an email address anywhere on this site, and the phone number also WILL NOT allow me to speak to someone. Every time I asked for someone, the promb said (we highly encourage you to use the app blah, blah...


Who can I contact to fix this? This is absolutely unacceptable. I have been a customer for over 10 years!