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Awful Customer Service Going Back on Their Promises

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Awful Customer Service Going Back on Their Promises

So, about a month ago I reached out because my bill had gone up. They informed me its because my promotion had expired, no big deal. Before I could even say anything the agent was saying they had a deal for me! Did I want to know what it was? I figured sure, why not? They go on to tell me they can get me my old promotion back taking my bill back to what it was. Awesome, right?


A month later I've been charged the new bill price and I reached back out to make sure my next bill at least would go back to normal. I repeat the whole story even though I gave them the reference number. The agent tried to say I wasn't promised anything. However, I had taken a screen shot of the chat and word for word quoted what the agent said promising me my old disocunt.


He then transfers me to a supervisor because he says he is having technical problems, okay no big deal. The superviser then begins to tell me that no, I will not be getting the discount as the package is no longer available. Okay. I said I understood its not avaiable but I was promised that I would be returned to the pervious balance of my bill. I have screen shots proving this was agreed. Again, they are repeating the package is no longer avaialble. This goes on for about another 10-15 minutes of me asking questions, asking if there is anything else they can offer, asking for a supervisor, asking for an email for customer service only to be told again and again the package is not avaialble. 


I had zero issues with paying the new bill to begin with. But was then promised it would be no problem to get it back to what it was only to end up wasting more of my time and dealing with rude customer service agents who didnt even really listen to what I was asking, just continued to say the package was unavialable. Safe to say I am now looking for another provider. I dont even care if it cost more because working in hospitality myself, I refuse to put up with terrible customer service.