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Assistance with changing plans???

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Assistance with changing plans???

Our triple play 2 year promo expired at the end of 2019 and we've been paying around $320/mo since then.  It's just too much for us.  I've tried using the "change plan" link when logging in to our account online but keeping getting an error and instructed to "contact us".   We had great success reaching someone in 2017 on this forum to help us get the triple play plan change done smoothly.  They were super helpful.  The recent price increases aren't helping us either.

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Re: Assistance with changing plans???

Good luck getting a response. The customer support on this site is complete garbage. They moved everything to an automated service that they expect you to use. I had to jump through a ton of hoops to actually get a live representative and even then they wouldn't do anything about it. I wanted to talk to a live person but instead I get a thing that tells me if the automated service isn't working, then I will be able to speak to one. Then THAT page failed to load. I'm starting to think about swapping to AT&T just because Xfinity customer support is complete trash.