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Thu, Oct 7, 2021 10:16 AM

Xfinitywifi is visible and can be joined but no internet service is available

I had frequently accessed public xfinitywifi hotspots at certain areas of Woods Hole MA using either my laptop or my iPhone.  This worked fine for a number of years but starting a few weeks ago, internet service became unavailable.  The xfinitywifi network is visible on both devices and can be joined but no internet service is provided.   Other laptops/phones are able to successfully connect and when I return to Boston MA, all devices have no trouble establishing internet connections through xfinitywifi.  I tried resetting internet settings, forgetting the network, removing and reinstalling the xfinity profile, uninstalling and reinstalling the HotSpots app without effect.  Any insights?



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2 m ago

I do want to thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to reach out through our Forums Channel. I can tell you have not had the best experience and I assure you I am here to do everything I can to turn this around. I am sorry that you were unable to connect to the xfinitywifi hotspot and I appreciate the troubleshooting steps. There can be a few reasons why the WiFi was not working. 


Many things can affect WiFi connections, including how close you are to the WiFi hotspot, buildings, trees, or other things getting in the way, and even the device type. You may only have 10 concurrent devices connected to Xfinity WiFi. If you exceed 10 concurrent devices, you’ll need to disconnect a device from Xfinity WiFi in order to connect an additional device. If xfinitywifi is on the available network list, and you still can't connect, check your device to see how many signal bars there are. If you only have one or two bars, you might have to move closer to where the signal is coming from. If you still can’t get online and your Xfinity ID and password are correct, it is possible that we’re having a service issue. 

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