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Xfinity WiFi and Withings Scale

I know this is an ongoing problem for withings devices. When I try to connect the scale to WiFi, my Wi-Fi network does not appear. My advanced security is not on. Can anyone suggest anything else? 


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3 months ago

If your client device can't see the WiFi network at all, you likely have a WiFi standard problem.  The radio chipset in your scale is unable to communicate using the same 802.11 WiFi standard your Gateway or WiFi router/mesh network is using.  

Common issue these days.  A lot of newer gear uses a combined signal 2.4G/5G broadcast, and uses "band steering" to try to direct devices to the proper WiFi standard.  That's great, but it doesn't work with everything, especially older gear and low cost radio hardware used in a lot of consumer products.  

This post had the same issue with a dell laptop.  If it's Xfinity rental gear, there are a couple of links that may help depending on the model and firmware your gateway is using.  Older Xfinity gear let you change WiFi Modes (split the signals out and not use band steering).  New gear does not.  You can always add a cheap access point that does speak other WiFi standards.  You'll likely want one that can speak 802.11 b/g/n, but look up the WiFi standard your scale uses before buying anything to make sure it's compatible.   



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3 months ago

@user_g4autz   That is good advice from flatlander3, and helpful to see or view your network successfully. You can see the specific steps on renaming the wifi networks on this https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/view-change-wifi-password page. Each network can be set to a friendly name individually, so you can know which is which on any device you're attempting to connect. 


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