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Thu, May 28, 2020 12:00 PM

Xfinity Prepaid issue

I’ve had Xfinity Prepaid for at least the last 2-3 years without a major issue. Then I noticed my internet started running bad at the back of my apartment a couple nights ago. I called the number and they kept saying they couldn’t see my router and that my router wasn’t associated with my account which doesn’t make sense because once again....I’ve had the service forever. I called yesterday and the lady I told to said she was going to register it in the system and now I don’t have internet at all. Well it connects but on my MacBook it says the server isn’t secure so who knows. Either way in the middle of the call it hung up. Now it tells me that they understand that having access is important and something about COVID19 and to help to do a power cycle first and it’s the only way they’ll let me speak to an agent. Which I’ve done but now when I call back it says we see you’ve done a power cycle but gives me the speech about doing another before not letting me talk to someone again. I can’t use internet to do chat or reset it. The app is awful and doesn’t really work when I’m using mobile internet, plus they won’t let me talk to anyone. I’m going on my 4th day like this!!!


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