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Sun, Dec 20, 2020 3:00 PM

Xfinity internet speed drops from normal speeds to low speeds minutes after modem restart

I have a 100Mbps internet plan, and I am using a  NetGear CM400 modem. Internet speed always starts >100Mbps right after modem restart. Then after 10-15 minutes, it goes to about 10Mbps.  This issue happens both when using Wifi Router and when connecting to modem directly using an ethernet cable.

I have seen that many users are having similar issues. 


My signal levels are as below when the modem is directly connected to data line with ~10ft cable without any splitter. Does anyone know if these signal levels are reasonable?  Given that at first the speeds are high and expected, is it possible that this is due to some kind of throttling on the ISP side? Is there a way to figure this out? 


Downstream Bonded Channels
ChannelLock StatusModulationChannel IDFrequencyPowerSNRCorrectablesUnCorrectables
1LockedQAM 25633597000000 Hz-5.3 dBmV34.9 dB422177
2LockedQAM 25634603000000 Hz-6.4 dBmV34.2 dB203042
3LockedQAM 25635609000000 Hz-7.2 dBmV33.8 dB83045
4LockedQAM 25636615000000 Hz-7.1 dBmV33.7 dB1203022
5LockedQAM 25637621000000 Hz-6.6 dBmV34.6 dB352923
6LockedQAM 25642627000000 Hz-9.2 dBmV32.7 dB583765
7LockedQAM 25639633000000 Hz-8.8 dBmV33.1 dB383047
8LockedQAM 25640639000000 Hz-8.0 dBmV33.3 dB233133

Upstream Bonded Channels
ChannelLock StatusUS Channel TypeChannel IDSymbol RateFrequencyPower
1LockedATDMA15120 Ksym/sec16400000 Hz44.0 dBmV
2LockedATDMA25120 Ksym/sec22800000 Hz44.5 dBmV
3LockedATDMA35120 Ksym/sec29200000 Hz46.0 dBmV
4LockedATDMA45120 Ksym/sec35600000 Hz46.0 dBmV



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