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Sat, Sep 19, 2020 4:00 PM

Xfinity Connection drops at times, do I need a tech?

Hi, every once in a while, my (wired) internet connection will drop. I checked the modem (SB6190) event log and I'm getting messages like "Lost MDD Timeout" (happens when the connection drops), "No Ranging Response received", "RCS Partial Service".


And here is what my modem status page looks like:

Downstream Bonded Channels

ChannelLock StatusModulationChannel IDFrequencyPowerSNRCorrectedUncorrectables
1Locked256QAM9489.00 MHz0.20 dBmV40.37 dB98811231516
2Locked256QAM1441.00 MHz0.80 dBmV40.95 dB108153213199
3Locked256QAM2447.00 MHz0.50 dBmV40.95 dB108498212971
4Locked256QAM3453.00 MHz0.10 dBmV40.95 dB102475195684
5Locked256QAM4459.00 MHz0.30 dBmV40.37 dB99839198163
6Locked256QAM5465.00 MHz0.40 dBmV40.95 dB97864200831
7Locked256QAM6471.00 MHz0.10 dBmV40.37 dB97398196874
8Locked256QAM7477.00 MHz0.20 dBmV40.95 dB99005214255
9Locked256QAM8483.00 MHz0.10 dBmV40.37 dB99738218207
10Locked256QAM10495.00 MHz0.10 dBmV40.37 dB92267225755
11Locked256QAM11507.00 MHz-0.10 dBmV40.95 dB94982247215
12Locked256QAM12513.00 MHz0.00 dBmV40.37 dB90072217382
13Locked256QAM13519.00 MHz-0.20 dBmV40.37 dB92189246762
14Locked256QAM14525.00 MHz0.00 dBmV40.37 dB91596246152
15Locked256QAM15531.00 MHz0.00 dBmV40.95 dB93201263141
16Locked256QAM16537.00 MHz-0.40 dBmV40.95 dB89930269911
17Locked256QAM17543.00 MHz-0.10 dBmV40.37 dB102530285703
18Locked256QAM18555.00 MHz-0.10 dBmV40.95 dB83899241114
19Locked256QAM19561.00 MHz-0.10 dBmV40.37 dB85224248942
20Locked256QAM20567.00 MHz-0.20 dBmV40.95 dB81650243200
21Locked256QAM21573.00 MHz-0.40 dBmV40.37 dB82159253503
22Locked256QAM22579.00 MHz-0.30 dBmV40.37 dB78751207160
23Locked256QAM23585.00 MHz-0.80 dBmV40.95 dB77682233862
24Locked256QAM24591.00 MHz-1.00 dBmV40.37 dB74585202876
25Locked256QAM26597.00 MHz-1.10 dBmV39.90 dB2761091066
26Locked256QAM27603.00 MHz-1.40 dBmV39.50 dB30770103616
27Locked256QAM28609.00 MHz-1.50 dBmV39.90 dB29295104648
28Locked256QAM29615.00 MHz-1.60 dBmV39.90 dB2933293131
29Locked256QAM30621.00 MHz-1.90 dBmV39.50 dB2892198192
30Locked256QAM31627.00 MHz-1.80 dBmV39.50 dB27055108091
31Locked256QAM32633.00 MHz-1.80 dBmV39.50 dB24887109749
32Locked256QAM33639.00 MHz-1.90 dBmV39.50 dB24020102123


Upstream Bonded Channels
ChannelLock StatusUS Channel TypeChannel IDSymbol RateFrequencyPower
1LockedATDMA525120 kSym/s17.30 MHz48.00 dBmV
2LockedATDMA515120 kSym/s23.70 MHz46.75 dBmV
3LockedATDMA505120 kSym/s30.10 MHz46.50 dBmV
4LockedATDMA495120 kSym/s36.50 MHz46.25 dBmV


Is this something I could fix myself or do I need to call a tech to come out and fix the connection drops?



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