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Xfinity blocking VoIP service?

My residential VoIP service stopped working since xfinity agent resetted my internet a month ago. My VoIP service privider (iTalkBB) uses a Cisco SPA122 ATA box to connect to the internet. The Cisco SPA122 ATA box just won't connect to the internet since the xfinity agent resetted my modem or network. I try touble shooting it with VoIP service privider iTalkBB tech support and had them replaced the VoIP ATA hardware two times and still cannot connect. Tried using the same VoIP ATA hardware on my friend's house which is also xfinity internet and it works. It just doesn't work in my specific network. Please help.  

3 months ago

Is there a green/orange light flashing on the back of the modem on the ethernet port that the Cisco SPA122 ATA is connected?

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3 months ago

@user_201d24 We're so sorry to hear that the Cisco SPA122 ATA is now having issues since our troubleshooting.  If I can inquire, what was the original issue that prompted the troubleshooting/reset process? Was the third-party router identified and disconnected prior to the reset? When connecting a separate router, the Xfinity Gateway does need to be set into Bridge Mode to facilitate signal to the router. A reset does typically take this off and default to the internal router for the Gateway, so you'll need to re-enable it.


Using Bridge Mode On Your Wireless Gateway

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