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Sat, Feb 8, 2020 8:00 PM

xFi Pods Unable to Stream Netflix, Disney+ on Laptops; Echo's Don't Connect

I installed xFi pods today and am experiencing some unusual issues. First, after bringing the pods online I've been unable to set up two Amazon Echo dots that had been working fine previously. (I think that is due to the automatic 2.4/5ghz switching that the gateway does and as far as I know I can't really remedy that one so the pods are likely going back on Monday). Second, we are unable to stream from Netflix, Disney+, etc on our laptops. I can stream fine using my phone on the same wifi, but when you try on the laptop you get an error message. You can navigate the websites fine, but once you actually hit play, things just stop and you get an error message. This is totally new since the pods were brough online.  I appreciate any insight or recommendations. Gateway and pods were all picked up this week. Laptops are MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.


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