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Fri, Jul 31, 2020 7:00 AM

Xfi pods regularly go offline

Xfi pods go down regularly. Took about ten minutes this morning to get them to work. Any ideas? I call xfinity and they have no idea.


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9 m ago

This started happening to us recently. The chat online was useless. I did all the things they say to do multiple times and still they didn’t work. I restarted the system. I unplugged them all. I removed them from my system and tried to set it up as if from scratch. Nothing. I hunted around for a phone number to call and finally found 800-XFINITY. One simple suggestion worked: log out and log back into my Xfinity account on the app. Because I had unplugged them all I still had to reconnect them and it took time for sure but at least this time I actually was able to connect and activate the pods. Next time I will start by logging out and logging back in because that only took a minute and did the trick.

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