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Sat, Sep 25, 2021 12:34 AM

Xfi pods question

Is it possible to re-use xfi pods from one modem to another?

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2 m ago

Hello, how is it going tonight @Ectoplaxm? I hope your Friday is going well. It is possible to use xFi Pods on another modem. They can be shared between friends and family. The owners of the pods just need to remove them from their account or app From the Xfinity app or xFi website, navigate to Connect, select See Network, select the Pod that you'd like to remove, select Edit or the pencil icon and then Remove Pod. I hope this article helps. (https://comca.st/3uaOOEl) It can give us a lot of the information you are looking for. You will see how to remove and add them under “Installation Instruction and Tips” and you can see they can be shared under “Purchasing xFi Pods.”




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@Ectoplaxm @XfinityJosephA 

The concern is not "E-mail" help related. Thread moved here to the proper help section.


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