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Sun, Sep 20, 2020 12:00 PM

xFi pods not activating

I’ve had six xFi pods for over a week now and they all are giving me an error that the serial numbers can’t be found and activated. It says to try a different one or call support. I called support and spent roughly two hours on the phone with no luck and was then sent an article on how to activate them via the app, which is what I was already doing. I then spent an additional three hours on chat with no luck at all. I then called again to support and was told there is an open ticket for the issue and I’d receive a call the next day with an update. That was three days ago, yet no call. The ticket is SI045462154. Is there anyone that can give me an update on this? These pods were $200 and I guess I have 30 days to return....


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