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Tue, Jul 14, 2020 8:00 PM

XFi Pods Connecting Out of Order/ Devices Not Connecting

Hi all. I’ll try to be succinct!

I’m in a 1200 square foot apartment. My router is in the living room, and the speeds are outstanding in the living room and dining room, but my bedroom is the farthest point away from the router. The connectivity is not great at all in the bedroom. The wall separating the room from the rest of the apartment is the kitchen wall, which includes the stove, mounted microwave and stacked washer dryer. There’s a lot of interference as a result. I’ve made do with a standard netgear WiFi extender for a few years now. I’d average speeds of around 10mb/s. My living room gets speeds of over 240mb/s.

I recently bought XFi pods to fix this issue. I have three pods: one in the hallway from the kitchen to the bedroom, one in my bedroom entryway, and one by my desk in the bedroom. The first pod is about 20 feet from the gateway, the next is 40 feet from the gateway, and the last is at least 50 feet from the gateway.

The midway pod is connecting to the gateway, and not the hallway pod. The bedroom pod is connecting to the hallway pod, and not the midway pod. I tried disconnecting them and starting from scratch, but this didn’t help. I tried resetting the gateway through the XFi app, this didn’t work either.

My connectivity is worse now than when I had the cheap-o signal extender. My bedroom devices are also stubbornly connecting to the pod in the hallway and the gateway itself, even though they’re the farthest away. The signal is so bad in my bedroom I can’t even get the XFi app to open, which is worse than before I bought the pods.

Needless to say I’m confused. I’ve tried multiple configurations at different distances but nothing seems to work. Occasionally I’ll connect to the bedroom pod and get 100mb/s download speeds. But that lasted for about 10 minutes. Any advice is more than appreciated.




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Raise the router to the highest point possible ( at least above 5-6 feet ) you will see drastic improvement as the signals are now not lost against furniture, people etc 




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8-month old/dead thread now being closed.

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