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Tue, Dec 1, 2020 11:00 AM

Xfi Pods are setup and have strong signal, but "no internet" even though ethernet is just fine

I have three xfi pods that very occassionally have a device attached (not sure why it is everything defaults to the gateway) . Xfi app shows me attached to a pod, but no internet. If I switch to XfinityWifi channel, I have internet. Back to my own network, I don't.  Xfi App shows me connected at full strength.  All my devices connected by ethernet are online throughout, so its not the gateway's connection to the broader world. 


I've now taken all the pods down and experience the same issues.  Intermittent "No internet" message shows up on iphones and macbook air. Again, with XFI app showing devices being connected to the gateway and at full strength. Switching to XfinityWifi channel has internet (Same Gateway!)







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