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Sat, Dec 19, 2020 3:00 PM

xFi hotspot fails to turn off with message - something has gone wrong, please try again later

After a two day internet and tv and outtage, I rtook the cable box ( wifi gateway/router) I hads to comcast and they replaced it with a new  gen 3 one (XB7) .  By default its runs an open wifi  SSID xfinitywifi hotspot.  

When I logon and goto my account settings and - Turn off - the hotspot,   the action fails with an error message - Something went wrong, please try again later.   I have been trying for to do this for three days and it always fails with the same error and DOES NOT turn off the hotspot.


Does anyone know to get the hotspot to turn off?



I would also note that there does not  appear to be a way to turn the hotspot off through the  web management UI for the gateway at admin password ( which is incredible that the password is set to password   by default until/if  you change it.)


I find  it very  outrageous when I am paying comcast to lease the device and the electricity to operate it, comcast turns on a hotspot for revenue generation puposes at my house.   If comcast wants a hotspot where I live, they should put hardware on the telephone pole on the street where I live and pay to power it.


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