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Sun, Nov 29, 2020 5:00 PM

xFi Gateway consistently dropping connection

I have an XB6 - TG3482G
I just got the modem today. It is consistently dropping connection, losing WiFi and requiring a reset.
I noticed in another thread that upstream/downstream levels due to splitters in the wiring configuration could cause an issue.
My downstream levels are ~36 and ~38
Upstream levels are ~57 and ~58.

Is that within range? If not, are removing or upgrading splitters the best way to fix?




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3 m ago

I decided to upgrade to an XFI modem / router, which turned out to be a nightmare.  The day I installed it, I started losing the internet and having to do multiple restarts every day.  Sometimes I lost connection three times in a ten minute period.  I've chatted with the worthless automated text "help" which essentially suggest a restart and then offers to set up a home appointment.  I've had someone here to check out the line and connections.  I've spent over 20 hours troubleshooting over the phone, every minute of which was amazingly frustrating due to accents I had difficulty understanding combined with poor call quality.  I finally opted to go back to my old equipment that worked flawlessly for several years only to discover that the exact same problem continued.  I finally got into contact with someone in management, and there is still no resolution or any idea how to fix my internet connectivity problem.

On top of that, I just discovered that they're using these XFI routers as free hot spots for all Comcast customers.  Anyone near your house can now log in to the "xfinity" network being broadcast by your XFI router and use it for internet access.  This isn't disclosed anywhere and is hidden which I find very disturbing.  That alone should make anyone think twice about getting one of these devices.

At this point, I'm giving up and switching to AT&T which I really don't want to mess with.  They may not be any better, but I've been without the reliable internet connection I pay for two weeks now and have wasted a massive amount of time dealing with frustrating troubleshooting that has gotten me nowhere.  There is no solution in site.  All I tried to do was upgrade my service to an XFI router, and in two weeks that's cost Comcast a 15+ year customer.  My advice to anyone considering the XFI router is to stay away, you ***WILL*** regret it.  Do a bit of searching online and you'll find that my experience is far from unique.




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