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Sun, Feb 16, 2020 11:00 PM

XFI advantage causing jitter with XB3?

I’ve gone through four modems and two routers trying to figure out my latency variation. A tech came out and replaced the lines from my box to the main box on my block and I’m still getting the same ping variation that is absolutely killing my multiplayer experience.

I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to the XFI advantage being the culprit since the issues started last month when I activated the service. I have taken it off my account however it’s paid off for the rest of the month and it’s still under my account.

I did a test with an XB6 right before I returned it and noticed I didn’t get the jitters online. However I returned it and got the XB3 since my house wasn’t getting the full gig I was paying for so I went back to blast pro.

Is the XB3 not compatible with this service?


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