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Sun, May 10, 2020 9:00 AM

xFi Advanced Security(is it tho?)

So I'm running into a really annoying issue.  On my network, I have several services that I like to have access to when I'm out of the house(remote). So I set up some port forwards to allow remote access.  the config took for about 2 minutes then I could no longer hit those services.  After doing some reading I saw that even if I have manually added port forwards(which I want) the advanced security feature blocks them.  Why?   And then I'm having to make a binary choice of keeping my remote services up and running and having your firewall on. I know for a fact that you can have an active firewall and still allow port forwarding.  


The second thing is,  why would you let me add ports when you are just gonna shut them down anyway.  If having the xFi advanced security prohibits ports from being opened, then just disable the ability to add port forwards while advanced security is enabled.


Third.  I don't look at the xFi portal all the time.  Pretty much only when something is wrong.  I'm assuming an update happened than enabled the advanced security feature.  The issue is that i had port forwards before the update and then they just stopped working. Some I'm going around troubleshooting my DDNS service, and my internal components to no avail. when the whole time and update enabled a feature that broke my experience(and services).  Is there a service available that would alert me to major changes implemented? Cuz that would've saved me a ton of time.


I get that the xFi portal has to be consumable by users that need a simple interface, but how about a view or mode that is more granular for customers that want to use advanced firewall configurations? like a "pro" or "super-user" mode.  I'm not talking access to the underlying tech, just the firewalls rules engine while still having the advanced security features enabled.


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