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Wed, Dec 23, 2020 4:00 PM

XBT-7 Gateway and Netgear network switch (GS316) compatibility

I recently ran ethernet cables in my house because I got tired after 5 years of Xfinity not being able to provide a wifi solution that would cover my house.  Working from home with marginal wifi = not a good situation.

I ran 8 lines to different rooms, and intended to connect the Xfinity XBT-7 Gateway to a new network switch (Netgear, 16 port, unmanaged; plug and play).

I connected the first four cables successfully with appropriate connectivity.  The second set of four cables I can't get to work properly.  At first I thought maybe I had bad connectors or keystone jacks, but ruled that out by individually testing each run by directly connecting to the Gateway (successfully).

My suspicion is that the Gateway is having trouble issuing IP addresses or something along that line.

Can anyone offer a suggestion on what to do next?


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