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Mon, Aug 30, 2021 1:40 AM


XBox 360 won’t connect wirelessly

I have an old xbox360… I upgraded to the new Xfi gateway about 4 months ago, and everything in my home has worked fine. Just recently tried to reconnect my old Xbox 360. It will connect to xbox live when wired directly to the xfi modem, but will not make any connection wirelessly. I also tried to plug the Xbox into the DVR cable box (that used to work for a wired connection to the Xbox), and that no longer works for any type of network connection.

Anyone have any solutions to connect to the new xfi gateway with the XBox 360 wirelessly?

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5 m ago

Hi @Carrie812, and thank you for posting to the Xfinity Forum to get help with connecting your XBox 360 to your Wi-Fi Network. I can understand how frustrating this may be and want to help you get reconnected so you can get back to enjoying some of your old favorites on that console. 


Thank you for confirming you have a connection when connecting the console directly to the modem. By chance, have you taken a look at this document, which will show you how to Connect Gaming Consoles, Smart TVs, Wireless Devices to Your Home WiFi Network, checking your drivers, Wi-Fi Bands, etc. If not, can you please follow the steps in this document to ensure everything is setup correctly on your end? If it is, then we can take a deeper look into this to see what's blocking the WiFi connection. 


I'd also recommend checking the Xfinity App to see if this device is paused and if that's what is blocking the connection to your home network. 

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