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Sunday, July 3rd, 2022 3:29 AM



Can you change DNS settings on the XB8? Or are we still being held captive with Comcast DNS servers like on the XB7 - which is really ridiculous……. !!!



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11 months ago

I believe all Comcast gateways do not allow you to alter DNS settings. I think they also hijack the DNS port so setting DNS on a device is also ignored and forwarded to Comcast servers.


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11 months ago

You cannot change DNS with comcast equipment. It is only one of many severe limitations that xfinity places on your network if you use their hardware.  You could do like so many others have done and are doing and buy your own hardware.  That way, you will have far more control over your network, and the hardware will be far superior to anything that comcast provides. 

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11 months ago

Hello @grelf, at this time this feature is not supported on our rental equipment. Alternatively, setting the xFi gateway to bridge mode and using a personal router should let you configure the personal router's DNS settings. This should be possible by purchasing your own modem and router too. 



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@XfinityAldrik​ that is fine.  But the reason many of us switch to your gateway is because when we call to get support from you,  the default answer is "We don't support your equipment" even when you as the ISP control many things even when we choose to purchase our equipment.  My internet connection would reset literally every 5 minutes on the dot. I asked one of your technicians to change my public IP because I believed someone was DoSing my IP and I was told to contact motorola because they manufactured the modem I was using and they controlled the IP addresses being handed out by comcast.  Poor customer service and crippling the users experience is exactly why I will be leaving Xfinity/Comcast when fiber internet is available in my area.  Also to top it off your company now sent me an email about how pricing is increasing so you can continue to provide the same level of sub par service.





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6 months ago

Please create a new topic of your own here on this board detailing your issue. Thanks. The original poster has not returned. 5-month-old dead thread is now being closed.

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