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Thu, Jan 7, 2021 7:00 PM

XB7 with Orbi RBR50 and RBS50 in Access Point Mode Issue

I have a XB7 (Model:CGM4331COM) that I would like to use as my router with the WiFi turned off, and I would like to use my Orbi Router RBR50 and Satellite RBS50 in Access Point mode, but as soon as I get to the last step of connecting my Orbi satellite wired directly to the Orbi router, my internet connection goes offline until I disconnect the Orbi router and satellite.  As soon as I disconnect my Orbis, my internet connection comes back online.  I can reproduce this every time, and I believe there is an incompatibility issue either with the XB7 or the Orbi.  I have tried using the Orbi using firmware and the most recent, but I see the same issue on both firmware versions.  


Below are the steps I can take which will reproduce the issue:


  1. Turn off the wifi on the XB7 and reboot it for good measure.
  2. Reset the Orbi router and satellite , and then put it into AP mode with the correct wifi settings. Orbi is set to pull an IP from the XB7 using DHCP.
  3. Connect the XB7 to the Orbi in AP mode using the Internet port on the Orbi (doesn't matter which port I use on the XB7), and the Orbi will pull a valid IP address from the XB7.  At this point, my network is online with the XB7 in routerl mode, and my Orbi RBR50 in AP mode. I can browse the internet either wired or wireless with no problems indefinitely.
  4. As soon as I connect the Orbi RBS50 satellite to the Orbi RBR50 using wired backhaul (not going through a switch), and this is when my internet access will go down for wired and wireless access.

I would like to point out that I have had the XB7 in router mode along with the Orbis in AP mode before successfully, but I also experienced the same issue of bringing down my network when originally setting that up until I did a hard reset on both the XB7 and Orbis.  Even resetting everything took a few trys and it's a pain to do that, but I know I could probably get it working again if I went the hard reset route again. 


Not that long ago, I decided to try to the Orbis in router mode with my XB7 in bridge mode, but now I would like to go back to the XB7 in router mode with the Orbis in AP mode.  By the way, everything works just fine when the XB7 is in bridge mode and the Orbis are in router mode using the exact same wired connections.


I'm not sure if the issue is with the XB7 or the Orbi, but I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this issue.  If others have experienced this, I would like to report it to the proper channels at Xfinity so they are aware.


Thanks in advance for any feedback or assistance.





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5 m ago

“Compatibility issues with all Netgear Nighthawk and Orbi routers. Netgear and Comcast both have firmware updates planned to fix these issues, release dates unknown.”

Seems like their might be a known issue for it. If they’ve fully addressed it yet, I’m not too sure. Did you just get your XB7?

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5 m ago

Hi jweaver and thanks for your help.
I have had the xb7 for several months now. The Orbi works fine in router mode with the xb7, but with the Orbi in ap mode I see the issue mentioned in the this thread.

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5 m ago

I have done some more troubleshooting today, and I wanted to give an update since I have a work around, but it is not a solution.


There is something between the XB7 and the Orbi RBR50 and RBS50 in AP mode using wired backhaul that is causing the issue.  I'm not sure if this is the fault of the XB7 or the Orbis.  Keep in mind this issue is not diplayed if I use the Orbis in AP mode using wireless backhaul.


The only way I can use the Orbis in AP mode with the XB7 in router mode is if I connect the XB7 to one of the Orbi RBR50 switch ports instead of the Internet port.  The Orbi RBR50 has a port labeled on the back called "Internet", and it is the port that Netgear states should be used when connected to either a modem or another router.  That is pretty standard for all other routers too.


I would think that the issue will present to anyone who tries to use the XB7 in router mode with the RBR50 and RBS50 in AP mode using a wired backhaul.  I can reproduce this issue at will if anyone from Xfinity/Comcast support would like to look into this further. 


I suspect others will face the same issue as more and more of the XB7s are shipped out since the Orbi RBR50 and RBS50 are popular mesh systems.



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3 m ago

I have the same problem come up with the my XB7 losing internet as soon as as I connect my RBR50 and the  satellites. In one case after 6 hrs of use the XB7 just completely died. The replacement model lost its 5.0Ghz signal. the next replacement again started dropping and finally I am on the fourth modem and they told me not to connect my Orbi as they think it is feeding  Power over its ethernets connection to the Infinity modem. I am bummed that I have basically wasted $450 on a well know mesh system that now cannot be used and I have dead spots all over the house. It was all working beautifully all upto last week when we had a storm in our area and had a internet outage.

Totally confused


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Hello user_26858c, are you still having an issue with your XB7 equipment? If so please create a new thread and one of our community members will be able to assist you further. 

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