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Sun, Nov 22, 2020 9:00 PM

XB6-T overheating very badly

Hi! I'm having strange issues with my Xfi Gateway. Recently, on a daily basis, the XB6-T overheats so badly to a point that the entire network shuts off and it just blinks amber while the fan can be heard on full throttle trying to disappate the heat. 

I have Blast! Pro with 300 mbps (bay area of California.) Should I try getting another XB6, or can I get the less problematic XB7?





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7 m ago

I never had such issues with that gateway myself, but assuming it's in a well venitlated area and the vents are not clogged with dust, it's possible you just have a defective one - just visit your closest Comcast store and swap it out for a new one (you're likely getting an XB6 since the XB7s are typically prioritized for gigabit tier customers). If you can't do that you can request a new one by calling (800)XFINITY or use chat support. 



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