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Wed, Jul 28, 2021 5:44 AM

XB6 bridge mode: not forwarding any ports nor able to access admin page

I have a XB6 gateway. Port 1 of the gateway is connected to a nest router. Port 2 is unused. Prior to putting it in Bridge mode, I could access the admin panel at

My goal is to port forward all traffic to nest router and let it's built-in firewall take care of blocking or routing traffic. Specifically, I've configured the nest router to forward ports 8001 (tcp) and 51515 (udp) to the raspberry-pi behind it. I've verified this port forwarding works by directly accessing the ports on the router and seeing it route the traffic to r-pi as expected.

However, now I've turned on bridge mode on the gateway and noticed a few things I wasn't expecting, nor know how to fix:

1) I don't see the gateway forward any ports. If I access http://(my external ip):8001 it does not forward any traffic to the nest routers port 8001. Online port scanners show that port 8001 is closed/inaccessible.

2) The internal IP of the gateway seems to have changed to based on the wan IP shown in nest home app as well as tracert requests routing through it before hitting the internet.

3) I can no longer access the admin page at either or

Based on online instructions, it seems I should be able to access the admin interface after bridge mode is enabled (for example, online instructions mention accessing the admin ui to disable bridge mode in future if one changes their mind).

Any suggestions what I could be doing wrong? I'm a home internet user fwiw. My nest router has a WAN IP of, internal/LAN IP of


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2 m ago

ok.. so admittedly, I have no clue what fixed this..... but

I woke up this morning and saw that everything was in the same state I left it last night ( returning ping, no ports forwarding, etc). I decided to reboot the gateway one more time (i.e. the definition of insanity - doing the same thing and expecting different result!).. and voila - things just work now!

I can again access the admin ui at, doing a traceroute request no longer shows the gateway as a hop (it directly goes from to a public IP), my ports 8001 and 51515 forward just like I expect!

Now I am really worried that if I have to ever reboot the gateway again - things will just mess up on its own! I just have no idea what [Edited: "Language"] fixed it! May be the gateway just needed a good nights sleep, who knows! LOL, next time I will try giving it some morning coffee and bagels.



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2 m ago

I'm not sure what's going on here, but if the XB6 is truly in bridge mode it shouldn't respond to ping and it shouldn't show up in trace results at all. Bridge mode disables the device's router component. Can you communicate with it at

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