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Wed, Sep 16, 2020 8:00 AM

X1: computers on network can't see each other


Trying to connect from a PC (WSL) to a Mac via SSH, finding that the Mac's IPv4 IP address is not able to be pinged from the PC.


Wondering if it's related to mixed wifi from the router; don't want to turn off 5ghz as a test while everyone is home schooling, but figured it would be good to get some input here first. Anybody seen this before?


I am noticing that in my Network Properties settings it shows my SSID with a number 2 after it, which the SSID does not have. Seems weird. This '2' does not appear in the name in any other wifi list in the OS.


Thanks for any input!


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7 m ago

Here's a little more info; not sure if it's helpful:

Looks like the PC is in Wifi 6 mode, and is only seeing one or two other devices on the network. I made sure network discovery is on (Private Network Mode), and tried everything having switched the WiFi mode to ac (wifi 5). Still no dice.


Does the router create multiple isolated mini networks or something?

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