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Wed, Jan 6, 2021 9:00 AM

Wrong IP

Setting up a new home using Comcast Wireless Modem/Router and everything is working fine accept for my wireless printer.  When I try to connect, it seems to be giving an invalid IP address ( and Subnet Mask (  I spoke to Epson and they said that the problem is with Comcast and the IP there DHCP is providing and there is nothing they can do.  I have tried over and over, but end up with the same IP/Subnet Mask.  Any ideas?


Just saw that the Comcast app shows the printer on-line and setup right (10.0.0.xx).  Of course with the above IP showing on the printer is does not work.  Help?



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7 m ago

169.254.x.y addresses are known as "link-local", "MS Automatic Private IP", or "autoconfiguration" addresses ( see ). Comcast DHCP does not assign these addresses, devices assign them to themselves when they cannot connect to a DHCP server.


Most likely, the printer is having trouble connecting to Comcast through your network. Have you checked out your printer manufacturer's network troubleshooting pages?


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