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Wed, Dec 23, 2020 9:00 AM

WPA3 mode security switches back to WPA2 mode every time after l supply update

Is anyone else having this issue with the latest white Xfi Modem(TG4482A)
I know my iPhone iOS 14.1 uses WPA3 and l know the aforementioned router does as well. Unfortunately It won’t stay on WPA3, and from how fast the Xfi app saves the settings, i’m wondering if it has been blocked from switching. After all we have been being hacked quite a bit lately. In fact there’s a tear to security hold on our account right now, as they scan for hackers and attacks! Interestingly, an Xfinity technician said that the router & app,
“is switchzing to provide the best security needed”<~THIS is laughable!
The best security needed is determined by the person using hardware, & setting up their network!)I’m guessing the new WPA3 security is the kind of security certain snoopers(NSA, CISA, or FBI) who watch everything we don’t want us using! We all know big Brother is here, and 1984 is in full affect here in 2020! Maybe the NW0 doesn’t want WPA3 who knows?
Anyway any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.





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6 m ago

Currently the XB7 devices don’t support WPA3, but will in a future update, no ETA

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That's great since my macbook is now requiring this and I'll have to go out and purchase a router. Ugh

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