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Sun, Sep 12, 2021 10:14 PM

Wireless Gateway: CGM4140COM

I just traded my old gateway for this gateway.

I consider myself good at computer tech.

But, I have been having problems setting up this gateway.

First, it wants me to connect to the internet.

How am I going to do this, as my gateway is not set up?

Then I found out trying to login into my account using my cellphone that after going to the Xfinity store my password has changed.

I had to go to all the hoops to set a new password.

I downloaded the app they said I need to set the gateway up.

The app comes up to a blank white screen.

After using my internet settings, I was able to connect to the XFINITY network.

Where do I go from here to set up the gateway?


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1 m ago

I just got the app on my iPad and I got to the screen that has the button to sign in.

when I" click on it I get the window with 3 large dots.

After a while, I get an error message and try again button.

I have hit that button 10 times and keep getting the same message.

I think the 802.1X is causing the problem. You can't turn it off.

I could not switch the iPad from XFINITY to my iPhone's hot spot.

I switched to using my iPhone using cell data.

On the phone I opened the Xfinity app.

It took a long while waiting for each segment to complete.

I have it running now and changed the network name and password.

My iMac is now connected to the new network.

My next question is going to be "Can I set the Wireless Gateway: CGM4140COM to use WPA2/WPA3 instead of WPA/WPA2?"

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