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Thu, Sep 3, 2020 11:00 AM

Wi-Fi working but won’t go online-Hoping someone here can help since the agents can’t

I just moved into a new apartment and brought my modem and had to get a coax cable because there weren’t any coming out of the wall, just the female part. Hasn’t gone online since moving here.
I’ve restarted it, reset it, made sure it’s the right cox cable.
There is what looks like a cut coax cable in one bedroom and also two cut cables hanging outside that window... is it possible that it’s my Comcast cable?
I’ve done the agent chat four times now and each time they end up ghosting me! I gave in and asked for a technician and when I said it was ridiculous that I have to pay $40 I was abandoned again. CAN ANYBODY HELP ME PLEASE???


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