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Mon, Oct 12, 2020 7:00 PM

WiFi on my iPhone keeps dropping for long periods of Time

I came across a post from August 25 of this year User irf (Re: Wifi keeps dropping / reconnecting)  In the thread the poster states after receiving no helpful assistance they went ahead and bought a SOHO-class wireless access point turned off wifi on Xfinity router and everything was fine after that.  Can someone please elaborate on this and confirm if this is the case?? I did not see any post from Comcast refuting the claim?  For the amount of money I'm paying for just internet this is a deal breaker for me.  Please confirm.  Right now, I'm losing my connection throughout the day.  I'll go into my wifi screen and have to turn it off just to get it to unfreeze.  Once I go back in to turn the wifi back on my xfinity internet network will not even show up on my phone for about 20-30 seconds?  Can anyone help me with this without having to buy additional equipment?


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