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Sat, Dec 26, 2020 6:00 AM

WIFI channels unable to be changed

I am wondering if there has been any progress in the problem of not being abel to change WIFI channels? I am renting Comcast's Technicolor CGM4140COM gateway router.....which was swapped in over the past summer due to constant NEIGHBORHOOD line modem wasnt the issue at the time but the tech "highly recommended" swapping.


I was able to to change WIFI channels in teh past to find the best open channel.


I am now having constant dropped connections with a new DLINK WIFI security camera.


I have moved the gateway router closer to the camera in question, and no change......thecamera will drop after being up for about 10-12 hours......needs powered off and powered back on to communicateagain even though comcast showst hecamera still conencted under "connected devices" in the xfi app on the PC and phone.


The vendor suggests changing the WIFI channel to see if the situation improves, but the new modem has greyed out the WIFI channel settings.


The automatic settings by comcast have my 2.4 wifi on channel 1, along with my neighbors.


I cannot even try to change the channel to see if that even IS the issue.......


I contemplated buying a new modem/wifi router to replace the rental, but thats a ton of money to spend and a can of worms to open on every tech issue in the future (because COmcast will always blame the custoemr's equipment)....


Is there a way for them to turn off the "automatic" settings they have imposed?


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