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WHY is my comcast speed 11 and I pay for 450 ??????

WHY is my comcast speed     11     and    I  pay for 450  ??????

they fix it and then it goes back to 11 or 12------THIS [Edited: "Language"]......I AM SO DONE----

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7 days ago

Been going on for years-----special offices involved.......big mucky mucks.......but no help=====12 feet from mod/rout Netgerar Nighthawk----line of sight


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So--- we will now ----fulfill---- our promise since comcast broke     a l l    of theirs


this is why they are      the     most hated company 



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Seems like someone could have fixed this-----new computer-----same old problems-----except worse signal strength and less stable connection


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You would think that such a big difference could be fixed with a new laptop----or so the expert said (took years to get someone to come

if anybody wants these posting for any "classtime activity" as a teachable moment-----  ha ----it is yours----i am going to go die in peace

have < 18 months to live----need ---really really realy realllly reaaaaly need connection and speed enought to be in touch with doctors and family


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user_f4f575, Hi there! Thanks for spending the time out of your day to visit XFINITY for help with the slow internet speeds. I definitely understand how frustrating it is to experience slow internet speeds as someone who works from home. I am sorry to learn about this experience. We are the right virtual door to knock on over social media for help. Let's get this fixed. If you were to run an internet health test via the Xfinity app, what results does it pull for you?


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have run MANY times through the years----not always same message

  • Note: Windows and Amazon phones aren't supported.

WINDOWS not SUPPORTED?????   (Do you mean Windows' PHONES??????-----What is written here, in English, is Windows Operating System and Amazon phones are not supported............



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5 days ago

The concern is not "Home Security Devices And Equipment" help related............. Topic moved here to the proper help section for assistance. 

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maybe people  who work with those might..... "answer better"

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