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Thu, Jun 23, 2022 9:06 PM

Why does xfinity claim "Managing your home network settings is now easier than ever." when this is clearly not true.

I login to my default gateway at

Head on over to parental controls > managed devices > THEN BAM: APPARENTLY NOT HAVING ANY OPTIONS THERE IS NOW "EASIER THAN EVER"

Clearly it is not easier than ever to "manage your home network settings". Infact it is even harder and even less convenient than before.

Not to mention it's half as secure that anyone with your password can now change your settings compared to needing to be singed onto the network to make changes.

so my question: why lie?



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They want you to use the app, which currently is broken if you want to setup port forwarding. I agree though, we should have access to our gateway’s local settings, especially since we are paying a rental fee for it. Nothing ever should have been blocked in local admin page.

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